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The Espinoza Law Group has over a decade of experience representing clients across Southern California and helping them achieve the results they need for their legal matters. Our approach is providing client-centered representation in workers’ compensation, immigration and personal injury cases. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation and case analysis at 213-667-0701.

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How Does California’s Workers Compensation System Work?

In California, all employees are covered by worker’s compensation insurance, which is a no-fault insurance coverage that provides a variety of benefits for workers who are injured on the job or develop a job-related illness. Injured workers have the right to receive coverage for any and all reasonable and necessary medical expenses and treatments to recover from their injury or illness. That includes coverage for hospital stays, surgeries, doctor visits, prescriptions, and any other medical bills resulting from work accidents or illnesses.

In addition, an injured worker may also receive financial benefits, such as temporary disability and permanent disability. If a worker is temporarily unable to work, they may receive temporary disability payments corresponding to a portion of their average weekly wages. If the worker is deemed to be permanently disabled, they may receive permanent disability payments, as well as vocational rehabilitation when applicable. If you were hurt on the job or need help navigating a worker’s compensation claim, contact the Espinoza Law Group at 213-667-0701.

Client Success Stories
Client Success Stories

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 Can I Get a Visa to Join

How Can I Get a Visa to Join My Family Members in the United States?

If you are a permanent resident or United States citizen, you may be able to apply for a green card for a family member and bring them to the country as a permanent resident. The process to seek a family-based green card varies depending on whether you are a permanent resident or a citizen and on whether your relative is considered an immediate family member or first-preference relative.

Permanent residents may petition for green cards for their spouses and unmarried children, but in order to bring parents, married children, or siblings, you must be a U.S. citizen, either by birth or through naturalization. Furthermore, while parents, children, and spouses of U.S. citizens are considered immediate relatives, siblings and other relatives are not. That means a visa may be available right away for those who are immediate relatives, while first-preference family members may be looking at significant waiting periods. At Espinoza Law Group, we can assist you with all aspects of preparing and filing a family-based immigrant petition to help you reunite with your loved ones in the United States.

Meet Our Founder and Principal Attorney
Ruben R. Espinoza, Esq.
Principal Attorney

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Ruben R. Espinoza’s practice is focused on workers’ compensation, immigration, employment and auto accident litigation. Prior to founding Espinoza Law Group, he worked at the law firms of Best, Best & Krieger, LLP, Carlos Cruz & Associates, APLC as well as The Dominguez Firm, one of the most recognizable injury law firms in Los Angeles.

A Los Angeles work comp attorney with years of experience before the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, Mr. Espinoza has recovered millions of dollars in benefits for injured workers. He aggressively pursues claims involving serious injuries caused willfully as well as cases involving discrimination or retaliation against workers.

In addition to his experience with work injury cases, Mr. Espinoza has represented immigrants from all over the world, at nearly all levels of immigration litigation, including the Board of Immigration Appeals, U.S. District and Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal.

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What Kind of Cases Does the Espinoza Law Group handle?

At the Espinoza Law Group, our skilled and dedicated attorneys focus on representing clients in a variety of civil cases in the practice areas of immigration law, employment law, personal injury, and business law. Our legal team can assist you with the following case types:

  • Workers Compensation
  • Workplace Retaliation & Discrimination
  • Family Based Immigration
  • Asylum
  • U Visas
  • Personal Injury
  • Car Accidents
  • Wrongful Termination

No matter how simple or complex your situation may seem, you can draw on the knowledge and skills of the attorneys at the Espinoza Law Group to help you achieve a positive outcome for your legal matters. Contact us at 213-667-0701 for more information.

Why Choose Us?

Why Should I Hire an Attorney for My Case?

Many people worry about the cost of hiring an attorney and decide to take a do-it-yourself approach to their situation in an effort to save money. However, many times, this decision proves to be risky – whether you are filing for an immigration visa or need to receive medical coverage for a work injury, there are many things that can go wrong with your case. A simple mistake could mean your case is delayed, your claim is denied, and you fail to reach the outcome you wanted for your situation.

An attorney can help you have a clear understanding of the laws affecting your case and can assist you with all the steps you need for a successful case – whether that means filling out USCIS forms or assisting you with negotiations with your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance company. Above all, your attorney can help you avoid critical mistakes and can look after your rights and best interests all through the process so you can maximize your chances of receiving a positive decision for your case.

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What Makes the Espinoza Law Group Different?

The Espinoza Law Group is passionate about putting their legal knowledge and experience to work in order to help clients achieve their goals, stand up for their rights, and protect their interests. We offer a client-first approach and believe that each case is as unique as the people behind it. When you work with the attorneys at the Espinoza Law Group, you can expect to receive personalized service and tenacious representation that will truly make a difference in your life.

Our office is conveniently located in Montebello, adjacent to the city of Los Angeles, just 10 miles east of downtown. Contact us at 213-667-0701 and request a confidential, no-commitment case screening to discuss your legal matter and learn more about how we can help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I be fired for filing a worker’s compensation claim?

Even though California is an at-will employment state that allows employers and employees to end their relationship at any time and for any reason, employers are not allowed to terminate an employee for engaging in protected activities, filing a worker’s compensation claim, engaging in whistleblowing, and filing a complaint against an employer are all protected activities by law, meaning an employer may not retaliate against an employee for engaging in such activities. If you believe you may have been fired for filing a worker’s compensation claim, contact an attorney to discuss your case.

What can I do if my worker’s comp claim is denied?

If your worker’s compensation claim is denied, you have the right to receive a written explanation from the insurance company with the reasons why your claim was rejected. Sometimes, a claim is rejected for something trivial, such as insufficient supporting evidence or missing medical reports. Other times, the insurance company may simply be acting in bad faith and refusing to pay you the benefits you are entitled to. If your claim is denied, contact a skilled worker’s compensation attorney to learn your options and the steps you can take to appeal their decision.

How can I recover compensation for a work injury as an independent contractor?

Workers’ compensation benefits do not cover independent contractors. If you are an independent contractor who has been injured or became ill due to your job activities, it may be possible to take legal action against the party you are providing services to. In this case, you should contact a skilled personal injury and worker’s compensation attorney to learn whether you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit to receive compensation for your accident. In some cases, your attorney may also be able to determine whether you have been misclassified as an independent contractor by your employer in order to help you assert your rights to worker’s compensation benefits.

What should I do immediately after a work injury?

The two most important things you can do after sustaining a work-related injury are to seek emergency medical attention for any serious injuries and report your accident to your employer as soon as possible. Even if your injuries do not appear to be life-threatening, you should still be examined by a healthcare provider. Be sure to inform the healthcare provider that your accident happened at work and follow all of their recommendations for treatment. In addition, report your accident to your employer as quickly as possible in order to avoid any delays in receiving your worker’s compensation benefits.

What is the process of obtaining an immigrant visa to the United States?

The process of obtaining an immigrant visa to the United States involves several steps and varies depending on the visa category you are applying for. First, individuals need to consult an immigration attorney to verify their eligibility and select the right visa category for their situation. The next step is to complete the required visa application forms, pay any applicable fees, and submit the application along with the necessary supporting documents to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in their home country. Once the visa application is received, an interview is scheduled with the consular officer, who will review the applicant’s eligibility and documentation and make a decision on whether to approve the application or not.

What are the different types of immigrant visas available?

There are several different types of immigrant visas available in the United States. The category that an individual falls under depends on their eligibility and the purpose of their immigration. Some of the most common types of immigrant visas include family-based green cards, which allow U.S. citizens or permanent residents to sponsor their family members for immigration; employment-based visas, which may be granted to individuals based on their skills, education, or work experience, and refugee and asylee visas, which may be granted to individuals who face persecution in their country of origin.

How long will it take for my immigrant visa application to be processed?

The processing time for an immigrant visa can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the case, the workload of the embassy or consulate, the type of visa or green card being requested, and the number of visas available per country in a given year. Typically, the waiting time can range from several months to several years (in the case of a sibling of a U.S. Citizen awaiting a visa, for instance). It is important for individuals to be ready to provide any requested additional information as promptly as possible to avoid further delays to the process.

Can I wait for my green card to be issued while in the United States?

In some family-based immigration cases, it may be possible for the beneficiary (the person seeking a green card) to be present in the United States while awaiting a decision on their case. For example, if you have a tourist visa and have been lawfully admitted to the United States to visit your son or daughter and decided to apply to become a permanent resident, your U.S. Citizen son or daughter may apply for an adjustment of status on your behalf. If the application is approved, you will receive a green card in the mail if you meet all of the requirements.