Non-Immigrant Visas

What Is a Non-Immigrant Visa?

A non-immigrant visa allows you to come to the United States for a specified time. Unlike an immigrant visa, a non-immigrant visa provides temporary permission for you to stay in the U.S. provided you meet specific criteria. A non-immigrant visa lawyer can help you learn which visa you qualify for and guide you through the process. Our skilled immigration attorneys have a broad range of experience helping people obtain non-immigrant visas. They can help you find which visa is right for you and walk your through the application process. Get in touch with one of our immigration lawyers today.

What Kinds of Non-Immigrant Visas Are There?

B-category visas are for people who want to visit the United States for business or non-business purposes. E-category visas are available for people who want to conduct trade with U.S. organizations or invest a large amount of money in a U.S. business. One E-category visa applies only to Australian workers who apply for work in a specialized occupation. F- and M-visas are for people who want to come to the U.S. to study in either a vocational or academic program. H-1 visas allow workers in specialized occupations to work temporarily in the U.S., while H-2 visas permit U.S. employers to bring in foreign unskilled and other workers to fill temporary slots. H-3 visas permit people to train for jobs in various areas or become exchange students in various fields and then return to their home country to work. J- and Q-category visas allow people to come to the U.S. for educational or cultural exchange visits. K-1 visas allow fiancés of American citizens to come to the U.S., provided they get married within 90 days. L-visas permit foreign employees of American companies to come to the United States to take on managerial positions. O-visas allow people with extraordinary ability to come to the U.S., while P-visas allow entertainers, athletes, or teachers in these fields to perform, teach or coach in their fields. R-1 visas allow religious workers to work in the U.S. temporarily. T- visas and U-visas allow human trafficking and crime victims to take shelter in the U.S. and help U.S. authorities investigate and prosecute the offenders. Finally, TN visas allow Mexican and Canadian workers in specialized occupations to work temporarily in the U.S. To learn more, contact our immigration law team today.
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How Can You Help Me Obtain a Non-Immigrant Visa?

Determining which non-immigrant visa is the right choice for you is essential. Our experienced immigration attorneys can help you choose the application that will give you the best chance of success. Then, we’ll help you through the application process, untangling the complex web of laws that govern non-immigrant visas. To get started, get in touch with one of our immigration lawyers today.